WPF interview questions

WPF interview questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 12th Feb, 2021

Frequently asked WPF interview questions 2019

Q1. What is WPF?

Q2. Explain the use of value converter in WPF?

Q3. What is WPF TextBlock?

Q4. What is XAML in WPF?

Q5. What is an XAML Element?

Q6. What is a Prism in WPF?

Q7. What is xmlns in XAML?

Q8. What is the accelerator key in WPF?

Q9. What is the difference between xmlns and xmlns:x in WPF?

Q10. What is tree view in WPF?

Q11. What is MVVM?

Q12. What is Polyline in WPF?

Q13. What are styles in WPF?

Q14. What is expression blend?

Q15. List Data Binding types in WPF?

Q16. What are static and dynamic resources in WPF?

Q17. What is ICommand in WPF?

Q18. What is Trigger in WPF?

Q19. How many types of triggers are available in WPF?

Q20. List out various layout panels available in WPF?

Q21. What is Dependency Property in WPF? Enlist few advantages of it.

Q22. Which control is used to create a dropdown in WPF?

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