UFT Interview Questions

UFT Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 30th Apr, 2022

About Uft

UFT is a great platform which provides numerous opportunities to enthusiasts and developers and also who want to make a promising career in the testing industry. These were some important UFT interview questions that you may keep in mind while going for an interview next time. You need to have proper knowledge about the working and some specific functions of UFT to crack the interviews. Do not forget to add comments while writing a code in an interview. Always know the version of UFT before oing in for the interview, also know about the add-ins that you use, the versions of all the software that you are using.

Key Features of Uft

Below are few major features of Uft

Language support

Technologies support

API Testing Enhancements

Object Identification Center

AI Testing Enhancements

Practice Best UFT Interview Questions and Answers;

If you can write a code on the machine or on paper spontaneously than it's great otherwise write the solutions to the problem in simple English statements, this will show your solution forming abilities, explain to them that translating these statements to code is just a matter of referring to the help files of the programming language. The benefit of these questions is that you have time to prepare answers before even the interview beings and that will give you a lot of confidence and an edge over all the other candidates.

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