Servlet interview questions

Servlet interview questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 12th Feb, 2021

Servlet interview questions

Q1. What is difference between doGet and doPost in Servlet?

Q2. How Servlets are different from java applets?

Q3. What is the difference between request.getRequestDispatcher() and context.getRequestDispatcher() method?

Q4. What is meant by a servlet?

Q5. Explian the life cycle of a servlet?

Q6. What is a Servlet-to-Servlet?

Q7. What is a servlet container?

Q8. When init() method of servlet is called?

Q9. Explian HTTPServletRequest and HTTPServletResponse class?

Q10. What are servlets filters? List some?

Q11. How to detect a locale in Servlets?

Q12. What is servlet exception?

Q13. What is servlet tunnelling?

Q14. What is context switching in servlet?

Q15. Explian Servlet Chaining?

Q16. What is a Proxy Server?

Q17. What is the ServletConfig() do?

Q18. What is the lifecycle of a servlet?


Q19. What is the difference between Get and Post method?


Q20. What is the difference between PrintWriter and ServletOutputStream?


Q21. What is the difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet?

Q22. What is servlet collaboration?

Q23. Can you call a jsp from the servlet?


Q24. Difference between forward() method and sendRedirect() method?

Q25. What is Session Tracking?


Q26. What is the difference between Cookies and HttpSession?


Q27. What is the filter?

Q28. What is the use of the attribute in servlets?

Q29. What is different between the web server and application server?

Q30. What is MIME Type?

Q31. What is a servlet?

Q32. What are common tasks performed by Servlet Container?

Q33. What is a ServletConfig object?

Q34. What is a ServletContext object?

Q35. How can we create a deadlock situation in servlet?


Q36. What is the use of servlet wrapper classes?

Q37. What is the inter-servlet communication?

Q38. Are Servlets Thread Safe? How to achieve thread safety in servlets?

Q39. How do we call one servlet from another servlet?


Q40. How can we invoke another servlet in a different application?


Q41. Why is HttpServlet class declared abstract?


Q42. What are life cycle methods of a servlet?


Q43. What is URL Encoding?


Q44. What are different methods of session management in servlets?


Q45. How do Cookies work in Servlets?

Q46. How to get the actual path of the servlet in the server?

Q47. How to get the server information in a servlet?

Q48. How to get the IP address of the client in servlet?

Q49. What are important features of Servlet 3?

Q50. What are different ways for servlet authentication?

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