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  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 13th Feb, 2021

We have listed here the Best PL/SQL MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of PL/SQL Language. This Test contains 25 PL/SQL MCQ questions with answers. You have to select the right answer to PL/SQL MCQ with answers.


PL/SQL MCQ Questions

1) A package cursor is a cursor which you declare in the package specification without an SQL statement.

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

2) Identify the advantages of PL/SQL Packages?

  • A. Modularity
  • B.Added Functionality,Better Performance
  • C.Information Hiding
  • D.All of the above

3) The constructs of a procedure, function or a package are ________ .

  • A. Cursors
  • B.Variables and Constants
  • C.Exceptions
  • D.All of the above

4) Identify the correct collection method returns the index number that precedes index n in a collection?

  • A. LIMIT
  • B.PRIOR(n)
  • C.LAST

5) Can pass you parameters to procedures or functions in a package.

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

6) Identify the non- schema object?

  • A. Indexes
  • B.Packages
  • C.Public Synonyms
  • D.Triggers

7) Which isn't the characteristics of a cursor FOR loop?

  • A. Record type declaration.
  • B.Requires exit condition to be defined.
  • C.Opening and parsing of SQL statements.
  • D.Fetches records from cursor.

8) Which line in the following statement will produce an error?

  • A. select name, rate, action
  • B.into action_record
  • C.from action_table;
  • D.cursor action_cursor is

9) The command used to open a CURSOR FOR loop is

  • A. parse
  • C.fetch
  • D.None, cursor for loops handle cursor opening implicitly.

10) Which of the following identifier is valid?

  • A. customer_12
  • B.12customer
  • C.customer@orgA
  • D.loop

11) Identify the invalid variable types?


12) Which is false information about the PL/SQL data structure VARRAY?

  • A. Each element in a VARRAY has an index associated with it
  • B.The elements can of various data types
  • C.It is a fixed-size sequential collection of elements
  • D.None of these

13) Which of the following PL/SQL supports datatype(s)?

  • A. Scalar datatype
  • B.Composite datatype
  • C.Both 1 and 2
  • D.None of these

14) From the following PL/SQL Delimiters which symbol is exponentiation operator.

  • A. **
  • B.<>
  • C.~=
  • D.-

15) What does a COMMIT statement do to a CURSOR?

  • A. Close the Cursor
  • B.Fetch the Cursor
  • C.Open the Cursor
  • D.None of these

16) SQL stand for

  • A. Structured Query Language
  • B.Structured Query List
  • C.Simple Query Language

17) What is the subset of SQL commands which is used to manipulate Oracle Database structures, including tables?

  • A. Data Manipulation Language(DML)
  • B.Data Definition Language(DDL)
  • C.Both 1 and 2
  • D.None of these

18) A CASE SQL statement is which of the following?

  • A. A way to establish an IF-THEN-ELSE in SQL.
  • B.A way to establish a data definition in SQL.
  • C.A way to establish a loop in SQL.
  • D.A way to establish a loop in SQL.

19) Identify the sorts rows in SQL?


20) The SQL statement that queries or reads data from a table is

  • A. QUERY
  • B.READ

21) SQL can be used to

  • A. Modify database data only
  • B.Create database structures only
  • C.Both 1 and 2
  • D.None of these

22) The SQL keywords(s) _____ is used with wildcards.

  • A. LIKE only
  • B.IN and NOT IN
  • C.IN only
  • D.NOTIN only

23) Identify the true statement about PL/SQL programs?

  • A. PL/SQL programs can exist with or without any SQL statements.
  • B.PL/SQL programs can exist only with any SQL statements.
  • C.PL/SQLprograms can exist only without any SQL statements.
  • D.SQL programs can exist only with PL/SQL statetment.

24) How many parts of a PL/SQL block are optional?

  • A. 2
  • B.4
  • C.5
  • D.4

25) Which is used to declare a record?

  • A. %TYPE
  • C.Both 1 and 2
  • D.None of these

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