Nginx Interview Questions

Nginx Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Mayank Kumar
  • 17th Nov, 2019

Nginx Interview Questions

Q1. What is nginx?

Nginx is a free open-source HTTP web server that can be also used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy, and HTTP cache. It was written by Igor Sysoev in the year 2004. Nginx was initially released on 4 October 2004 and written in C programming language.

Q2. In which language nginx is written.

Nginx is written in C programming Language.


Q3. List some features of nginx?

Major Features of Nginx are

  • Reverse proxy with caching
  • Support IPv6
  • Can be used for Load balancing
  • Supports FastCGI with caching
  • Can work with WebSockets
  • Easy Handling of static files, index files, and auto-indexing
  • TLS/SSL with SNI

Q4. What is default port of nginx?

Port 80 is default port on nginx server.

Q5. What is C10K problem?

C10k is a numeronym for concurrently handling ten thousand connections. C10k problem refers to the problem of optimizing network sockets to handle a large number of clients at the same time.

Q6. List some important commands used on nginx?

Below is the list of some important commands used on Nginx

Command Name Usages Syntax
systemctl reload nginx Used to reload the setting of Nginx Server
sudo systemctl reload nginx
Or sudo service reload nginx
nginx -t Used to test the configuration changes of Nginx Server
sudo nginx -t
nginx -v Used to check the version of Nginx Server
sudo nginx -v
systemctl restart nginx Used to restart Nginx Server
sudo systemctl restart nginx
service nginx status Used to check the status of Nginx Server
sudo service nginx status

Q7. How to start and stop nginx server?

Run the below command to start Nginx server:

sudo systemctl start nginx

If you are running a Linux distribution without systemd then you can use

sudo service start nginx

Run the below command to stop Nginx server:

sudo systemctl stop nginx

Q8. What is worker process in Nginx?

Worker Process (a single-threaded process) is used to tune the performance of the Nginx server. If Nginx is doing CPU-intensive work such as SSL or gzipping and you have 2 or more CPUs/cores, then you may set worker_processes to be equal to the number of CPUs or cores.

Q9. What is the purpose of -s With Nginx Server?

The purpose of option -s With Nginx Server is used to send a signal to stop, quit, reopen or reload the server.

Q10. How to reload configuration file of Nginx server?

Run below command to reload configuration file of Nginx server

sudo service nginx reload 
sudo /etc/init.d/nginx reload

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