Maven interview questions

Maven interview questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 12th Feb, 2021

Key Features of Maven

Below are few major features of Maven

Easy project setup

Automatic Parent Versioning

Parallel Builds

Better Error and Integrity Reporting

Model-based builds

Backward Compatibility

Easily Extensible

Dependency management

Easy updation

Q1. List few difference between Apache Ant and Maven?

Q2. List few advantages of Maven?

Q3. What mvn clean do?

Q4. What information does POM file contains?

Q5. What is a Maven Repository?

Q6. How many types of Repository are available in Maven?

Q7. What M2_HOME variable stores?

Q8. What are the elements of a project's coordinates in Maven?

Q9. What are the different Maven build lifecycles?

Q10. List the phases of the default lifecycle in Maven?

Q11. What is an archetype?

Q12. How to add a dependency in Maven Project?

Q13. What is Maven and what can it be used for?

Q14. What is dependency exclusion in Maven?

Q15. What is the difference items in Repository-Manager and SCM?

Q16. What does the SNAPSHOT designator in a version indicate?

Q17. What are transitive dependencies?

Q18. What is the default Logging level in maven?

Q19. How to run multiple profiles in maven in CLI?

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