Matlab Interview Questions

Matlab Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 12th Feb, 2021

Key Features of Matlab

Below are few major features of Matlab

High-level language

Interactive environment

Vast library for mathematics

Built-in Graphics Visualization

Easy Integration

Variable-Precision Arithmetic

Units and Dimensional Analysis

Plotting Analytical Functions

Matrix manipulations

Q1. What is Matlab and why it is used?

Matlab expanded as Matrix Laboratory is a programming environment developed by Mathworks that is used for manipulating data, implementing algorithms, creating UI, etc. Released in 1984, Matlab uses Matlab programming language that allows natural expression for mathematical computation. Mainly used by engineers and scientists around the world to do a range of applications like Machine learning, signal processing, image & video processing, computational finance, etc. The main reason why Matlab is widely used are,

  • Easy implementation of algorithms
  • Faster code development
  • Ability to call the external library and huge number of inbuilt libraries
  • Ability to develop an application with GUI
  • Offers resource to do exhaustive data analysis
  • Ability to process image and videos

Q2. Enlist few application of matlab in mathematics?

Matlab works well in Mathematics. Some of the applications are,

  • Working with Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra calculations can be done easily with Matlab. Eg: to calculate ROI, predicting the results, etc

  • Performing Numerical Analysis

The numerical Analysis task is heavily used by architects, engineers, etc which relies on approximation. These mathematical tasks are easily done in Matlab.

  • Matrix computations

Processing image involves a lot of matrix computations which it easy handles by Matlab because of its extensive use of vector and matrix computations.

  • Lots of inbuilt mathematical functions

The Math function in Matlab provides functions to do Linear Algebra, Geometry, Fourier analysis, Integration & Differential equations, etc.

  • Graph Plotting

Matlab provides various functions to make the graph plotting a simple and easy task

Q3. What is Matlab API?

Matlab provides lots of API (Application Programming Interface) for library and code written in other languages to integrate with it. The API allows C, C++, FORTRAN programs to interact with Matlab. It is also used for dynamic linking, calling Matlab as a computational engine, and to read & write MAT files.

Some of the API’s in Matlab is,

MATLAB Engine API – used to interface c++, object-oriented programming, java, python in Matlab.

MATLAB Data API – used for other applications that work with Matlab data.

MATLAB MEX API – used to call c, c++, FORTRAN programs from Matlab command line.

Q4. List some real time applications of matlab?

Matlab has numerous applications in real life such as in

  • Digital Signal Processing – Matlab is used here to analyze time-series data.
  • Wireless communications - Matlab is used here to reduce development time and streamline the development.
  • IOT – Matlab helps to design, and develop IoT applications.
  • Robotics – Matlab plays a big role in the development and testing of algorithms used in Robotics.
  • Data Analytics – A big area in which Matlab is used extensively to analyze and compute the data.
  • Mechatronics – Matlab is used to design and simulate components in real-time.

Q5. What are different types of loops available in Matlab?

Matlab provides various loop types to handle the looping requirement,

While Loop

It repeatedly executes a statement until the expression becomes false.

For Loop

It allows you to write a repetition control structure that can be executed a specific number of times.

Nested Loop

Matlab allows for the loop to be executed inside another loop. It is called a nested loop.

Q6. List some numerical data type available in Matlab?

List some numerical data type available in Matlab

  • Signed integer – int8, int16, int32, int64
  • Unsigned integer – uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64
  • Single precision floating point
  • Double precision floating point

By default, Matlab stores value as a double-precision floating-point.

Q7. List out major operators of MatLab?

Some list major operators of MatLab

  • Arithmetic operators - like unary plus, unary minus, matrix multiplication, array multiplication, division, etc.
  • Relational operators - like equal to, less than, less than equal to, greater than equal to, not equal to.
  • Logical operators - like AND, OR, NOT, etc.
  • Bitwise operator - like &, |, ^.
  • Set operators - like union, unique, intersect, etc.

Q8. What is Simulink in MatLab?

Simulink is a graphical programming environment based on MATLAB. It is used for simulating and modeling systems integrated with the Matlab. The incorporation of algorithms in Simulink is also possible. The simulated models can be verified and validated using style checking, traceability, etc. From the model, code can be also automatically generated using the Simulink. It can be defined as a graphical block diagramming tool with its block libraries.

Q9. What is LaTex in MatLab?

LaTex is a document preparation system. Documents written using LaTex look much better because it uses iterative typesetting algorithm. Matlab supports LaTex using function latex ().

chr = latex(S) //chr reurns LaTex form of the expression S. 

You can use Matlab to format mathematical expressions and text.

Q10. What is Set and Get in Matlab?

Set is a function in Matlab that is used to set the properties for the object.



Here H is the object where the value of the property Name is applied.



The object H is applied with the color blue.

Get is a function that returns the property of an object.


A = get(H)

Here the property of the object H is returned to the variable H.

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