JDBC Interview Questions

JDBC Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 30th Apr, 2022

Key Features of Jdbc

Below are few major features of Jdbc


Improved DataSource

Connection Pooling


Batch Updating

Savepoint interface

Practice Best JDBC Interview Questions and Answers;

Q1. JDBC Stands for?

Q2. What is JDBC?

Q3. Explain what is JDBC Driver?

Q4. Write the steps to connect to the database in java?

Q5. Enlist the JDBC API components?

Q6. What is the work of JDBC setMaxRows method?

Q7. Explain what is the JDBC Rowset?

Q8. What are the major differences between stored procedure and functions?

Q9. Write the major difference between java.util.Date and java.sql.Date data type?

Q10. Explain what is ResultSet?

Q11. Explain what is DriverManager in JDBC?

Q12. Write the process of creating a table dynamically from a JDBC application?

Q13. Explain the isolation levels of connections in JDBC?

Q14. What are the two phase commit in JDBC?

Q15. Write the few examples of most common exceptions in JDBC?

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