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  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 13th Feb, 2021

We have listed here the best GIT MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of GIT Language. This GIT MCQ Test contains 25 GIT MCQ questions with answers. You have to select the right answer to GIT MCQ with answers.

GiT MCQ Questions

1) What is the full form of GIT?

  • A. Gastro Intestional Track.
  • B.Gastro International Track.
  • C.Global information Tracker
  • D.None of these

2) Which of the following git command that downloads your repository from GitHub to your computer?

  • A. git fork
  • B.git commit
  • C.git clone
  • D.git push

3) Which of the following shortcut to staging all the changes you have?

  • A. git push -am "Message"
  • B.git add.
  • C.git commit add.
  • D.git commit.

4) Identify the correct commit syntax for all changes with a message?

  • A. git add -a "I'm coding"
  • B.git commit -am "I'm coding"
  • C.git message -am "I'm coding"
  • D.None of these

5) What comes first, staging with git add. or committing with git commit?

  • A. Committing with git commit
  • B.Staging your commits with git add
  • C.None of these

6) How do you create a copy of a lab under your own GitHub account so that you can solve the lab?

  • A. Forking it via the GitHub interface.
  • B.git clone
  • C.git pull-request
  • D.git fork

7) GIT comes from

  • A. 2005
  • B.2007
  • C.2004
  • D.2008

8) Which of the following advantage of using GIT?

  • A. Collaboration friendly
  • B.Data redundancy and replication
  • C.Data redundancy and replication
  • D.All of the above

9) Which of the language is used in GIT?

  • A. C language
  • B.HTML language
  • C.C++ language
  • D.None of these

10) What is the function of ‘GIT PUSH’ in GIT?

  • A. ‘GIT PUSH’ updates remote refs.
  • B.‘GIT PUSH’ updates remote refs along with associated objects.
  • C.‘GIT PUSH’ remote refs along with associated objects.
  • D.None of these

11) What is an alternative to merging in git?

  • A. Basing
  • B.Rebasing
  • C.Both 1 and 2
  • D.None of these

12) Which of the following graphical GIT client for LINUX?

  • A. Smart git
  • B.Git Cola
  • C.Git-g
  • D.All of the above

13) What is the use of ‘git log’?

  • A. by author
  • C.content
  • D.All of the above

14) Which of the following Git repository hosting functions?

  • A. Gitlab
  • B.Github
  • C.Bitbucket
  • D.All of the above

15) What do you by git is-tree?

  • A. ‘git is-tree’ represents a tree object including the mode and the name of each item and the SHA-1 value of the blob or the tree.
  • B.‘git is-tree’ represents a tree object including the mode and the name of each item
  • C.None of these

16) Which of the following isn't a Git configuration scope?

  • A. User
  • B.System
  • C.Local
  • D.Global

17) Which of the following vendor acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion in June 2018?

  • A. IBM
  • B.Microsoft
  • C.Google
  • D.Oracle

18) Which command should you use to initialize a new Git repository?

  • A. git init
  • B.git install
  • C.git start
  • D.git bash

19) What is the default text editor for the Bash shell with a Windows-based Git install?

  • A. Bash
  • B.Emacs
  • C.Notepad++
  • D.Vim

20) Which of the following file you can configure to ensure that certain file types are never committed to the local Git repository?

  • A. .gitignore
  • B.gitignore.txt
  • C.git.ignore
  • D.ignore.git

21) Which of the following is not true in terms of git

  • A. Staging area
  • B.Fork
  • C.Stem
  • D.Push

22) How do you save the current state of your code into the git version control?

  • A. Using git stage
  • B.Using git commit
  • C.Using git push
  • D.Using git add

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