Git Interview Questions

Git Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Toby Rogers
  • 12th Apr, 2021

Key Features of Git

Below are few major features of Git

Free and open-source







Creates backups

Distributed development

Q1. What is difference between fork, branch and clone in Git?

Q2. What is the difference between "git pull" and "git fetch"?

Q3. What is git cherry-pick?

Picking a command from the programming branch to act on another variable program is called cherry-picking. GIT is the term used to select the reference and insists on the current working platform.

Q4. List out some popular Git repository hosting services?

Q5. What is use of git reset command?

Q6. Distinguish between GIT fetch and GIT pull?

GIT fetch and GIT pull both are commands used in GIT.

GIT fetch command helps to retrieve the data from local GIT used in the system. This command can be used anytime in between the program, whereas the GIT pull is used for retrieving the data and also using it for the future rectifications.

Q7. What is syntax for Rebasing in Git?

Q8. What is a repository in Git?

Repository in Git is a file location where your files and directories are Stored. Git is a distributed version control system that is used to track the change in source code during the process of software development. It is designed for coordinating the schedules and work-related tasks among programmers and to track the changes in any of their file set. The overall goal of the repository is to include the speed and Data integrity where it is a .git/ folder inside the project and repository track all the changes which are made in the file during project build-up.

Q9. What git fetch command do?

Q10. What is a GIT commit and what does the commit object contain?

Q11. What are GIT stash and GIT stash pop?

GIT stash term is used when there is temporary storage used while entering data. You can revisit the same page and start using the data.

GIT stash pop removes the data where you have left the data, and you will need to start it all over again.

Q12. What is the difference between Git and SVN?

Difference between Git and SVN

GIT uses the term of distributed version control. The data is stored in scattered places and can be retrieved for use at any time. This is a comfortable way of storing the data.

SVN uses the term of centralized version control. The data is stored in a single place and utilized by distributing wherever it is necessary. Storage space is more in this term.

Q13. What is 'bare repository' in Git?

Q14. What is 'staging area' or 'index' in Git?

Q15. For what git config command is used?

Q16. What are the different kinds of branches that can be created in GIT?

Q17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of GIT?

Q18. How can you resolve merge conflict in GIT?

Q19. Write command to create and delete a Branch in GIT?

Q20. What is GIT rerare?

Q21. What is use of GIT tag?

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