Fiber Optics MCQ

Fiber Optics MCQ

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 15th May, 2021

We have listed below the best Fiber Optics MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Fiber Optics. This Fiber Optics MCQ Test contains 25 multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question.

Fiber Optics MCQ

1) Who is the father of Fiber optics?

  • A. Thomas Edison
  • B.Thomas Mensah
  • C.Henry Holmes
  • D.Edwin

2) In single mode fibers which is the most beneficial index profile

  • A. Step index
  • B.Coaxial cable
  • C.Graded index
  • D.Step and graded index

3) Type of fiber has the highest modal of dispersion

  • A. Graded index mode
  • B.Step-index single mode
  • C.Graded index multimode
  • D.Step-index multimode

4) Fiber optic cables operate at frequencies.

  • A. 600 THz
  • B.800 THz
  • C.900 THz
  • D.1200 THz

5) The core of an optical fiber

  • A. Lower refracted index than air
  • B.Higher refractive index than the cladding
  • C.Similar refractive index with the cladding
  • D.Lower refractive index than the cladding

6) The width of the range of wavelengths emitted by light source

  • A. Speed
  • B.Bandwidth
  • C.Frequency
  • D.Spectral width

7) Multimode step index fibers have a bandwidth.

  • A. 2 to 30 MHz km
  • B.6 to 50 MHz km
  • C.8 to 64 MHz km
  • D.10 to 80 MHz km

8) Type of dispersion phenomenon gives rise to pulse spreading in single mode fibers?

  • A. Intramodal
  • B.Cladding
  • C.Intermodal
  • D.Core

9) Wavelength of light has no role.

  • A. Interaction
  • B.Reflection
  • C.Declartion
  • D.Polarization

10) Multimode step index fiber is_______

  • A. Small core diameter & small numerical aperture
  • B.Large core diameter and small numerical aperture
  • C.Small core diameter and large numerical aperture
  • D.Large core diameter & large numerical aperture

11) Fibers mostly not used nowadays for optical fiber communication system are________

  • A. Single mode fibers
  • B.Multimode step fibers
  • C.Multimode graded index fibers
  • D.Coaxial cables

12) Material dispersion is caused by

  • A. Wavelength dependence of the index of refraction
  • B.Wavelength independence of the index of refraction
  • C.Dependence of the propagation constant on the mode number
  • D.Independence of the propagation constant on the mode number

13) Bandwidth of a fiber is limited by

  • A. Mode
  • B.Frequency
  • C.Wavelength
  • D.Dispersion

14) Multimode step index fiber has a large core diameter of range is________

  • A. 100 to 300 μm
  • B.100 to 300 nm
  • C.200 to 500 μm
  • D.200 to 500 nm

15) Micro-bending losses depend on_________

  • A. Refractive index
  • B.Mode and wavelength
  • C.Dispersion
  • D.Diameter

16) Determines the dispersion limitation of an optical link?

  • A. ORL Budget
  • B.Link power budget
  • C.Rise time budget
  • D.All of the above

17) Standard single mode fibers are utilized mainly for operation in_________

  • A. O-band
  • B.L-band
  • C.C-band
  • D.C-band and L-band

18) The frequency of a sine wave is 30Hz.

  • A. 3333ms
  • B.333.3ms
  • C.33.33ms
  • D.3.333ms

19) Which color has the shortest wavelength of light?

  • A. Red
  • B.Green
  • C.Blue
  • D.Yellow

20) The loss in signal power as light travels down a fiber is called

  • A. Attenuation
  • B.Absorption
  • C.Scattering
  • D.Dispersion

21) Bandwidth of optical fiber are_______

  • A. 900 THz
  • B.900 PHz
  • C.900 EHz
  • D.900 MHz

22) The inner part of the fiber optics which carries light is called_______

  • A. prism
  • B.core
  • C.cladding
  • D.diopters

23) The cladding diameter must be at least

  • A. Two times the core diameter
  • B.Three times the core diameter
  • C.Five times the core diameter
  • D.Ten times the core diameter

24) What is the frequency limit of the optical fiber? Approx

  • A. 1 MHz
  • B.20 MHz
  • C.40 GHz
  • D.100 MHz

25) Fiber mostly suited in single-wavelength transmission in O-band?

  • A. Standard single mode fibers
  • B.Low minimized fibers
  • C.Low-water-peak non dispersion-shifted fibers
  • D.Non-zero-dispersion-shifted fibers

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