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  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 12th Feb, 2021

We have listed here the best Docker MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Docker. This Docker MCQ Test contains 20 multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to every question.

Docker MCQ Questions

1) Who created Docker?

  • A. Wilbur Davenport.
  • B.Clarence Madison Dally.
  • C.Solomon Hykes
  • D.Walter Dandy

2) Which of the following command is used for stopping a running container?

  • A. $ docker stop <:container_id>
  • B.$ docker kill <:container_id>
  • C.$ docker start <:container_id>
  • D.$ docker rm <:container_id>

3) Identify the false advantage of docker?

  • A. Docker provides a difficult set-up initially.
  • B.Simple configuration and interaction with docker composed as possible.
  • C.The application lifecycle can be described in detail, docker grants permission for it
  • D.Documentation provides information in detail.

4) How many types of the registry is there?

  • A. Two
  • B.Three
  • C.Four
  • D.Five

5) Which of the following statement is false about the public registry?

  • A. There is the availability of millions of images in the Docker hub.
  • B.The public registry helps in creating public dockers.
  • C.The public registry also called a docker hub.
  • D.Docker hub permits you for storing images privately.

6) Which of the following command is used for running the images as a container?

  • A. $ docker PS
  • B.$ Sudo docker run -i -t alpine /bin/bash
  • C.$ Sudo docker run container name
  • D.All of the above

7) Identify the true statement about memories web swap flag?

  • A. Swap permits the container for writing to express memory requirements to disc
  • B.When the container gets exhausted all the ramp available then only swap permits for writing the express memory requirements to disc.
  • C.Memory swap is the modification flag that only exists if memory is getting
  • D.All of the above

8) Which of the following is used for monitoring the docker in a production environment?

  • A. Docker stats.
  • B.Docker events
  • C.Both 1 and 2
  • D.None of these

9) How many states are there of docker containers?

  • A. Three
  • B.Four
  • C.Five
  • D.Six

10) Identify the component of the Docker?

  • A. Image
  • B.Platform image
  • C.Container
  • D.All of the above

11) Identify the type of Docker components?

  • A. The Host
  • B.The Registry
  • C.The Client
  • D.All of the above

12) Identify the lifecycle of Docker Container?

  • A. Create a container.
  • B.Run the Docker container.
  • C.Pause the Container.
  • D.All of the above

13) Containers running on a single machine all share the same operating system kernel, so they start instantly and make more efficient use of RAM.

  • A. True
  • B.False

14) ________is a cloud-hosted service from Docker that provides registry capabilities for public and private content.

  • A. Docker Cloud
  • B.Docker Swarm
  • C.Docker Hub
  • D.Docker Compose

15) ________is native clustering for Docker. It turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host.

  • A. Docker Hub
  • B.Docker Swarm
  • C.Docker Compose
  • D.Docker Cloud

16) Docker host's IP address by default is

  • A. True
  • B.False

17) Identify the feature of Docker?

  • A. Easy Modeling
  • B.Placement/Affinity
  • C.Version control
  • D.All of the above

18) Docker develop in which year?

  • A. 2013
  • B.2014
  • C.2016
  • D.2012

19) How to push the new image to Docker registry?

  • A. docker kill myorg/myimg
  • B.docker rm myorg/myimg
  • C.docker push myorg/myimg
  • D.docker sudo myorg/myimg

20) What command should you run to see all running container in Docker?

  • A. $ docker ps
  • B.$ docker rm
  • C.$ docker sudo
  • D.$ docker add

21) How to install Docker?

  • A. yum install docker
  • B.rm install docker
  • C.install docker
  • D.start docker

22) How you manage Docker images?

  • A. Docker Hub
  • B.Docker Registry
  • C.Docker Swarm
  • D.Both A & B

23) Docker containerd is a core container runtime that manages?

  • A. The resources necessary to run the container
  • B.The container lifecycle of its Linux or Windows host system
  • C.Log analysis and reporting
  • D.Container and data security

24) What is a Dockerfile?

  • A. A developer who loves Docker and containerization, frequently espousing its virtues
  • B.Any report or document that Docker components produce
  • C.Any folder or document to run Docker components
  • D.A template used to describe the build of an image

25) Docker Machine manage virtual hosts that use_______

  • A. Command line
  • B.Docker Datacenter
  • C.Graphical user interface
  • D.Any of the above

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