Cakephp interview questions

Cakephp interview questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 15th Nov, 2019

Q1. What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is rapid development framework for PHP like Laravel it also flows MVC Design Pattern. It completly written in PHP and modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails. It is free use and and distributed under the MIT License.

Some facts About CakePHP
Distributed Under MIT License
First Released On April 2005
Current Stable Version 3.7.8
Architeture MVC
Written In PHP

Q2. How to get current URL in CakePHP ?

Getting current URL in CakePHP In CakePHP View

<?php echo $this->here; ?>

In Controller

<?php echo Router::url( $this->here, true ); ?> 

Q3. List some features of CakePHP framework ?

 Some features of CakePHP Frameworks are -

  •   Model Veiw Controller Pattern
  •   Object Relational Mapping
  •   Class inheritance
  •   No Configuration
  •   CRUD Scaffolding
  •   Built in Validation
  •   Easily extends with Plug-ins

Q4. What is MVC in CakePHP ?

Model View Controller (MVC) - targets the modern programming needs. CakePHP uses it just right with all the entities working together excellently and providing a great way to work on different aspects of development in a vitally planned system of data processing. 

Model layer represents the logical part of our Application.It retrieves the data and convert it into meaningful concepts.

Veiw layer shows the output to the end user.It process the input provided by the Model Layer and generates specific out put to the end user.

Controller Layer is responsible for handling all requests coming from all users. It Collects the input from users and coordinate for the model and veiw codes.



Q5. How to write, read and delete the Session in cakephp?

Reading session in cakePHP -


Deleting session in cakePHP -


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