Asterisk Interview Questions

Asterisk Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 02nd May, 2022

Key Features of Asterisk

Below are few major features of Asterisk

ADSI On-Screen

Alarm Receiver

Append Message

Call Parking

Distinctive Ring

Flexible Extension Logic

Predictive Dialer

Practice Best Asterisk Interview Questions and Answers;

Q1. What is Asterisk?

Q2. Asterisk is developed by which company?

Q3. Asterisk is written in which programming language?

Q4. Asterisk runs on which type of operating system?

Q5. Enlist the features of Asterisk?

Q6. Asterisk supports which type of IP protocols?

Q7. How many is the maximum number of phones supported by Asterisk?

Q8. Does Asterisk support CallerID from a user database?

Q9. What is SIP in asterisk?

Q10. Explain what is a context?

Q11. Where does Asterisk store its logs?

Q12. How is voicemail set in Asterisk?

Q13. How do you ODBC with Asterisk & MYSQL?

Q14. In Asterisk can reivite is used for?

Q15. Explain what is a hangup priority?

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