Apache Kafka Interview Questions

Apache Kafka Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 25th Nov, 2021

About Apache Kafka

The Apache Kafka is one of the tools which are coded in Scala language and is openly operable in Java and offers specific broker-based, consumer-based, producer-based, and topic-based features. It was developed for providing a uniform and high-performing platform for managing large amounts of data. Finally, practice below the Best Apache Kafka Interview Questions for the best preparation for your interview.

Key Features of Apache Kafka

Below are few major features of Apache Kafka



Data Transformations

Fault Tolerance






Practice Best Apache Kafka Interview Questions & Answers

Q1. Can Kafka store data?

Yes, Kafka can store data but only as long as you want.

Q2. What is the recommended minimum number of replicas to have in Kafka?

It is recommended to have at least two minimum replicas in Kafka. As the messages won't be lost, unless both brokers fail.

Q3. How does Kafka ensure consistency ?

One can ensure consistency in KAFKA by using Acknowledgement i.e.:

  • Setting acks to 0 will make the system to send acknowledgment without writing the message which may lose the data.
  • Setting it to 1 means it should be written at least to the leader replica.
  • Setting it to all means message should be written to all in-sync replica.

Q4. What are the advantages of using Apache Kafka?

The advantages of using Apache Kafka are:

  • Kafka is highly scalable.
  • Kafka is highly durable.
  • Kafka is Highly Reliable.
  • Kafka Offers High Performance.

Q5. Can Kafka be used as a database?

No, Kafka can't be used as a database. As it is described as “turning the database inside out“which means it is possible to implement this architecture in a way that supports both reads and writes but it can not work as a proper database.

Q6. What is the drawback of Kafka?

The drawbacks of the Kafka are:

  • Do not have a complete set of monitoring tools
  • Message tweaking issues
  • Do not support wildcard topic selection
  • Reduces Performance
  • Clumsy Behaviour
  • Lack some message paradigms.

Q7. What is a producer?

In Kafka, a producer is an entity or an application that publishes data to a Kafka cluster, which is made up of brokers.

Q8. What is the Kafka broker?

In Kafka, a broker receives messages from producers and stores them on disk keyed by unique offset and allows consumers to fetch messages by topic, partition, and offset. It can create a Kafka cluster by sharing information between each other directly or indirectly using Zookeeper.

Q9. What is a Kafka cluster?

A Kafka cluster is consists of one or more Kafka brokers or servers running Kafka. It typically consists of multiple brokers to maintain load balance.

Q10. What is Kafka Logs?

Apache Kafka log provides a logical representation of a unique topic-based partitioning. It is a collection of various data segments present on your disk, having a name as that of a form-topic partition or any specific topic-partition.

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