AngularJS Interview Questions

AngularJS Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

  • Calvin
  • 02nd Nov, 2019

AngularJS Interview Questions

Q1. What are $routeProvider and $locationProvider in AngularJs?

Q2. Explain the difference between Factory and Service methods?

Q3. What is $http and $q in AngularJS?

Q4. How to cretae a controller in AngularJS?

Q5. What is difference between ng-model and {{}} and ng-bind?

Q6. What does link function do in a directive?

Q7. Explain promises in AngularJS?

Q8. Explain box model and who introduced it?

Q9. What is asynchronous mean in AngularJS?

Q10. How do you share data between controllers in Angular?

Q11. What is use of angular.copy()?

Q12. What are different types of directives available in AngularJS?

Q13. What are Filters in AngularJS?

Q14. What are authGuards?

Q15. What are http interceptors?

Q16. What is difference between $rootScope and $scope in AngularJS?

Q17. Explain precompile, link, postcompile?

Q18. Explain AngularJS Compliation process?

Q19. What is difference between $scope and scope.

Q20. How to access $rootScope in view?

Q21. How to define a default route in AngularJS?

Q22. How to filter the selected checkbox using AngularJS?

Q23. What is Data Binding in AngularJs?

Q24. What is use of Compiler?

Q25. What is E2E Testing?

Q26. What are CSS classes used by AngularJS?

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