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AngularJS Interview Questions | Freshers & Experienced

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  • 06th Mar, 2021

About Angularjs

If you want to learn about the basics of Angular 4, then you have come to the right place. You don't even need to be an acquaintance with previous versions to have a better understanding of Angular 4. So, let's start! Well, first discuss What is Angular 4?

Angular 4 is a JavaScript framework for creating client applications and apps in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or TypeScript (which is a superset of JavaScript). The code is written in TypeScript which is compiled to JavaScript and shows the same in the browser. The features of Angular 4 are amazing that attracts the developers to use it. Some enthralling animation built-in features are Http service, auto-completion, navigation, menus, toolbar and many more.

So, this is a small introduction about Angular 4. Well, if you want to know more about Angular 4 then read our online interview questions. We have collected the best questions for you that will help you to crack any interviews. Along with that, you will come to know about the pros and cons of Angular 4 in this article. So, scroll down and read the full article.

Key Features of Angularjs

Below are few major features of Angularjs

Model View Controller (MVC) Framework

User interface

POJO Model


Two-way binding


Speed and Performance


Full Development Story

AngularJS Interview Questions

Q1. What are $routeProvider and $locationProvider in AngularJs?

Q2. Explain the difference between Factory and Service methods?

Q3. What is $http and $q in AngularJS?

Q4. How to cretae a controller in AngularJS?

Q5. What is difference between ng-model and {{}} and ng-bind?

Q6. What does link function do in a directive?

Q7. Explain promises in AngularJS?

Q8. Explain box model and who introduced it?

Q9. What is asynchronous mean in AngularJS?

Q10. How do you share data between controllers in Angular?

Q11. What is use of angular.copy()?

Q12. What are different types of directives available in AngularJS?

Q13. What are Filters in AngularJS?

Q14. What are authGuards?

Q15. What are http interceptors?

Q16. What is difference between $rootScope and $scope in AngularJS?

Q17. Explain precompile, link, postcompile?

Q18. Explain AngularJS Compliation process?

Q19. What is difference between $scope and scope.

Q20. How to access $rootScope in view?

Q21. How to define a default route in AngularJS?

Q22. How to filter the selected checkbox using AngularJS?

Q23. What is Data Binding in AngularJs?

Q24. What is use of Compiler?

Q25. What is E2E Testing?

Q26. What are CSS classes used by AngularJS?

Difference between Angular 2 and Angular 4

Angular 4 Angular 2
In Angular 4.0, the size of the bundle file has decreased by 60%. Thus, the size of code generated is reduced which helps to improve the performance of an application. The code of Angular 2 is bigger, and the file size is also larger.
For most applications, Angular 4 is backward compatible with Angular 2. Angular 2 doesn't support backward compatibility with Angular JS.
Angular 4 allow developers to adjust their code as there are proper disapproval phases. In Angular 2, you can't adjust code s as there are no specific proper disapproval phases. 
You can pull out Animation features from @angular/core and include into their package Angular 2 doesn’t offer any animation feature.

Pros of Angular 4:

  • Faster: Every update is meant to be the improvement of its previous versions and so does Angular 4. It is faster, flexible and lighter than the older versions.It is designed to have a better performance for the smaller as well as larger applications
  • Web Components: Usually applications have the closed system for modularizing, but Angular 4 changed this approach.  Instead, Angular 4 emphasis on emerging web standard, which means it can use any web component without any wrapper coding.
  • Performance: Angular 4 has much better performance than Angular 1 and 2 because it doesn't perform deep object comparison. This means if there is any modification in the array like addition or deletion, then change detection wouldn't detect it. This same goes for the object properties but if they are not directly bound from the view.
  • Choice in seeds: In Angular 4, you will get many different seeds and boilerplates for your applications'. Be ready to choose one as you are going to get the confusion between all of them. Some of these seeds and boilerplates are Angular CLI, Angular NgCLI , Angular seed and many more.
  • Faster debugging:  With the new release, bug fixing and testing is very fast. A bundle of amazing features is ready to boost the performance of the newer version. Along with that, Angular 4 have easier APIs, lazy loading which made the bugging easier and simple. 
  • Deployment: As testing and designing are faster so deployment is much faster in comparison with previous versions.

Cons of Angular 4:

  • Lagging UI: The UI of Angular 4 lags when there are more than 200 watchers. This shows that the complexity of Angular 4 is very much restricted. 
  • Difficult in learning: It is a bit difficult for you to learn if you haven’t used this language before. You have to spend a lot of time to learn this.
  • Confusion: There are a variety of ways to do the same thing so there is always a confusion which is a better way. Hence, programmers need to understand the components very carefully.

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